Drobo no longer recognized by Windows 7

I have a Drobo. Not sure which one. It has four drive bays. I think it was the last one to get the firmware patch to allow it to use larger than 2TB drives.

I was cleaning my desk and bumped the Drobo. The USB cable came out halfway. At the time, it was playing some music off of the Drobo drive. When I plugged it in, Windows 7 told me that it didn’t recognize the device. I have rebooted repeatedly.

I removed the faceplate & this is what occurred when I rebooted.

The Green light by the power symbol came on.
The blue line of lights started to fill up (light moves from left to right, filling the bar of lights until all are on).
The Green lights for the drives come on.
After a bit, all lights go off except for the light by the power symbol, but it turns amber.

I have 3x2 TB & 1 3Tb drives (2,2,3,2). It was about half full. Can anyone help?

all the lights going off like that is the drobo going into standby - it means it doesnt think it is plugged into anything - is the cable definitely plugged back in all the way

if it is then you may have damaged the USB connector

if you have, then the good news is that all of your data should be safe on your disk pack - you just need to put ALL of the disks back into a differnet drobo and all of your data will be there

But I don’t have a different Drobo. I am also concerned that proper use of a USB connector (i.e. sliding it in & out) would cause damage. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad the data is alright, but needing to buy a new Drobo isn’t quite Good News, especially if they are so fragile that every time I clean my desk I risk damaging the unit.

It’s also always possible the cable itself is bad - always check the simplest things first. :slight_smile:

It seems the USB Hub that it was plugged into died at the same time. When I plugged the Drobo into a different port, it still works. I am relived and thank you to everyone who commented.

The use of hubs isn’t recommended as you may see unsafe dismounts of the Drobo’s volume(s), which will cause file system corruption. It should be connected direct to a USB port on the back of the computer to ensure a good connection.