Drobo no longer providing access to Drobo Settings. its greyed out

Drobo no longer is giving me admin access for Drobo settings. It just keeps showing your drobo is in the final stage of starting up. This will only take a few more seconds. It has been this way for about 26 hours.
There are no errors. My data is still accessible from the network share. I have turned off the NAS. I left unplugged for 30 seconds. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Drobo Dashboard. Any ideas as to what I should do?

I think I was able to figure it out. since in a round about way.
I didn’t have access to the power reset button, So I had to do a hard power off. Then I pulled all the drives. Once I had the drives pulled, I powered back on. this allowed it to boot up and gave me the access to the Drobo settings and the power off button was available. Powered back off and re-inserted the drives and turned on. All seems to be well so far. Well other than an 11 hour Data progression in porgress. Looks like I put one drive back in a different slot. I was only using 6 of the 8 bays so far. Go figure…

Hello there!

From another thread, I think you’re running a Drobo 800fs. I had a similar issue with my Drobo FS. The problem for me was with some DroboApps I’d installed. In my case, Transmission would keep my FS from completing the “final stages”. It worked for a long time, but started giving me that issue last summer.

If it happens again, a temporary workaround for me was to stop the offending app (Transmission) via SSH, wait until the final stages message went away, then restarted the app.

I tried lots of different ways to permanently fix the issue, but since I donated the FS to my brother who won’t be using Transmission, I eventually just deleted the app and moved on. I’ve heard some other people having a similar issue with the Crashplan app, too.

I hope that helps!



I had deleted all the apps and restarted yesterday morning. So those shouldn’t be the issue. at least I hope not. The rebuild has completed but I am sitting here waiting for the final stage to complete so I can map a network drive and have access to the files. I was a bit overzealous troubleshooting and removing things. at this point I am looking at a NAS with almost 9 Tb of data I can’t get at.


I may need look at it tomorrow and see if there is a factory reset button on the back of it. It is not easily accessible where it sits right now.

Problem solved…

How did you solve the issue?

I was going to suggest doing a manual firmware upgrade to the same version you were on. This fixed it for my FS before I realized the issue was with a DroboApp. But I’d like to know what you did to fix yours, for future reference.



After I was finally able to SSH into the FS, I had to learn a bit about “nix” file structure. A few google searches on commands, I was able to finally take full control and delete all the Apps folders. some were still there. I rebooted, checked and they were actually deleted. Things started to play nice. the issue with the dashboard was a bit more. even though I had kept Drobo out of my VPN via split tunneling, the VPN was messing it up. I shut down my VPN, made a few more changes and re-installed the dashboard I still had a few issues. Turns out the last windows update messed with SMB1 again. a quick enable and all was well with the world.

Glad to hear it all worked out. I think documenting it here could help others in the future. That’s another reason I decided to replace my aging FS. I was getting uncomfortable leaving SMB1 enabled all over the place. My brother who inherited my (still functional!) FS will only be using it with one PC, so he’s not as worried.

I probably should have googled Drobo a bit before buying this unit, but it was a really good deal. It came with 4 new drives. 2 8Tb and 2 8 tb drives. But I do know that my next NAS will be something a bit more robust and newer. But overall, it will serve my purpose of storage for my media center.