Drobo Newbie Needs Advice

I have two 10TB Drobo 5N that were connected via a switch to a surveillance system with 6 POE cameras. Our integrator left town permanently a few months ago. We found out he left after he departed with no transfer of knowledge. Since then a couple of things have happened that required me to be able to log into the device, but I didn’t know the authentication credentials. I’ve tried to contact Drobo via their support site to discuss our options for resetting the admin password for the devices themselves. They provided a number of tips, but not the one I asked for and completely ignored my request to talk by telephone. They closed my request so I think I’m going to have to keep going through this process. I can’t find a phone number for them so I can call to discuss how to reset the admin password on the device or get some information to determine whether or not I should buy replacements. I’d like to stick with what we have, but if I can’t have a verbal conversation with a company, it is hard to do business with them. Anybody have any ideas?