Drobo N2 - Replacement of larger capacity HDD

I have five bays on my N2 with 4TB HDD. Bay 0 has gone RED and tells me to replace with a larger capacity drive. I replaced with a 10TB but now Bay 1 has gone RED as well with the same issue. I’ve ordered another 10TB HDD. My question is how many HDD’s will I have to replace or just the two of them.

I am still trying to recover (four months and counting) from a catastrophic failure that started out like that. I replaced one drive because it was “failed”. then another went red during the rebuild. then it started changing it’s mind as to which drives were failed. Then the main unit died completely. Replacement under warranty lasted a couple weeks then also died. Disk pack is now all green except for one drive, drobo refuses to mount the partition with the data, and it’s been a month since I have had any real response from support…

As all your original drives were the same size, replacing only 1 HDD with a larger volume HDD does not actually increase the volume available to you. You will need to replace 2 original HDDs with larger volume HDDs to increase your usable storage. BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME.

Swap in the first new HDD and let the Drobo engage it / sort files, then when all is ‘green’ swap in another of the larger volume HDDs for 1 of your other older HDDs and let it sort files until ‘green’. Your available space should now have increased.

For a demonstration of this graphically, use the Drobo Capacity Calculator http://www.drobo.com/storage-products/capacity-calculator/ for your Drobo unit to review your initial HDD setup and then swap in larger HDDs