Drobo & Monitor with Macbook Pro

I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro with thunderbolt. I want to connect a Drobo 5D and a Dell U2410 Monitor to it. When I do this the monitor will not function properly. I currently have the Drobo connected the the mac via thunderbolt and the monitor connected to the drobo using hdmi with a Mini displayport to hdmi adaptor.

Is anyone doing this and have it working? It works but the monitor flickers green at times and when I boot the computer up the screen comes up distorted. It does not work properly.

Need more. Does your powerbook have more than one Thunderbolt Port. If so connecting one to the 5D and the other port to the monitor does it react the same or is your issue only caused by the daisy chaining of the unit ? Only one Thunderbolt. Does only connecting the display to the powerbook cause the same issue ? Do you have mini display port to DVI does it react the same ? Is this a TV instead of a Computer Monitor ? Yes there is a difference.

You have to understand that HDMI is very finicky. Most TV’s react incorrectly with a Hz rating higher or lower than 60 comming from a computer so check that you are not sending the wrong settings in system preference > Display. Make sure that the display or TV does not have specific requirements for signal Hz and size.

You are not the only one having green and blue flashing issues there are a bunch of threads on apple support with this issue especially connecting it to a TV instead of a monitor. Some have fixed the issue when sending a 1080i setting on their TV VS 1080p.

There are so many variables that can be going wrong and without more information there is no way to narrow any solutions.

I have a similar problem with my Mini -> 5D -> iMac.

It ‘sparkles’ is the best way to put it. If I connect Mini -> iMac, no issues, but then the 5D is in the middle, it introduces weird visual artifacts.

I’m not sure if this is similar but I think I’m trying something similar…Mac Mini > Drobo 5D > iMac all via Thunderbolt to use the iMac as a Target Display Mode device. The issue here of course is likely that the Drobo now is being told to more-less mount to both Macs…not sure how to accomplish this yet.

[quote=“mgriffin34, post:3, topic:73634”]It ‘sparkles’ is the best way to put it. If I connect Mini -> iMac, no issues, but then the 5D is in the middle, it introduces weird visual artifacts.
If they’re pixel-ly “sparkles” rather than entire flashing blocks/groups of pixels, then in my experience this is digital data dropout in the DVI/HDMI signal.

You can experience the same if you get a ludicrously long or very poor DVI/HDMI cable.

also if you receive a new cable, its usually all bent and with kinks and folds, and if you try to straighten the cable it can sometimes cause damage and better to leave it in the shape it’s received.

or in cheeky terms…
“keep it kinky” :smiley:

Does your powerbook have more than one Thunderbolt Port. > There is only ONE thunderbolt port.

Does only connecting the display to the powerbook cause the same issue ? The monitor works fine without the Drobo.

Do you have mini display port to DVI does it react the same ? I have not tried this as I was told using final cut pro I would want the hdmi connection for doing video.

Is this a TV instead of a Computer Monitor ? This is the Dell U2410 which is a computer monitor.

The adapters that are compatible with the 5D and Mini can be found at https://thunderbolttechnology.net/products. Is your adapter one of these?

Before someone says the link is broken, the auto-linker also sucked up the period. Trim the period off the link and it’ll work.

I saw that too…was wondering how long it’d take for someone to say something haha

Hi Zdybkela. Coincidentally I have the same monitor at home and successfully connect my Mac Mini to Drobo to U2410 with no noticeable issues. In my scenario I’m using a Mini Displayport to Displayport cable. I believe it’s this exact cable model: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812228677

Yeah, if possible avoid the DisplayPort->something else conversion.

Also, in case anyone is crazy like me and wonders or wants to try it, apparently you can convert DisplayPort “down” to something else, but you can’t convert other things “up” to DisplayPort, at least not passively.

[code]From\To DisplayPort HDMI DVI
DisplayPort OK OK* OK*

  • When connecting between a PC and a television, some televisions only accept PC signals on certain inputs (Samsungs are often this way)[/code]

And passive conversions for the DVI/VGA realm…

DVI-I is essentialy DVI-A + DVI-D.
DVI-D is digital. DVI-A is analog and essentially VGA, just on the pins of a different connector.
Thus a DVI-I can “split out” to DVI-A and/or DVI-D, but you can’t passively convert between analog DVI-A and digital DVI-D.

Some monitors have DVI-I jacks, but that’s not a guarantee that the monitor will support DVI-A input.
The use of DVI-I jacks is mainly to support use of DVI-D or DVI-I cables for DVI-D. Otherwise a poor user who happens to get a DVI-I cable would have to pull the extra 4 DVI-A pins out in order for the plug to fit.

UPDATE: My monitor is working as it should now.

The HDMI connection to the drobo caused issues and as soon as I switched to connecting the monitor with DVI the issues went away. I cannot explain why this is but everything has been working fine for over a week now.

mestanczak: Is the cable you linked to connecting the monitor and the drobo?

Glad to hear it’s working. Yes, the Drobo connects to my mini via thunderbolt, then the monitor connects to the Drobo via mini displayport.

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