Drobo mis-reporting free space and sees only 3 of 4 drives

I have a 1st gen Drobo and just bought a Drobo2. Before installing the Drobo2 I updated Drobo Dashboard after disconnecting ALL Drobos connected to the computer as instructed. Before reconnecting the 1st gen box, I connected Drobo2 and did a firmware upgrade to it in the process. After that I had a healthy 8TB box with (4) 1-TB Drives. I then re-connected the 1st gen Drobo and this is where the problem lies. My lights were GREEN, GREEN, ORANGE, GREEN (Drives are 750, 750, 500, 750) before disconnecting. I had about 350GB free space. Now My lights are Green, Green, Green, RED!!! Drive 4 used to be healthy.Now it wants to “Format New Volume?”. Drobo Dashboard is telling me I’m out of space, I get critical alert messages like crazy; warnings that my data is no longer protected but the Finder said 350 GB free space (now well over 600GB due to mass deletions) as well as ChronoSync. WTF??? I have NO OVERHEAD to copy files from one to the other, my system is SLOWER than molasses in Minnesota in January and I’m not sure if I can even power down the computer for fear that Drobo 1 is going to croak. I’ve filed a support case (on a Friday of course), it’s now late Tuesday night and I have not heard ONE F#@&ING word from Data F#@&ING Robotocs. Any ideas? Anybody? Can I power down the machine to regain performance? Will restarting Drobo1 fix the problem? So much for being able to rely on “protected storage” and EXPENSIVE “protected storage” at that.