Drobo Mini, Windows 10, Thunderbolt -- No Connection


I have a good working drobo mini (bought Jan 2014), 4x1TB 2.5" disks, which I use through USB normal port.

I miss the speed I had using it with a MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt cable.

As now I use an HP Spectre x360 Notebook, running Windows 10 Home 64 bit, which has 2 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, I bought at amazon a USB-C Thunderbolt3-Thunderbolt2 adapter, which does not help me connect the drobo mini using the thunderbolt cable. (getting back to a MacBook Pro is not an option :slight_smile: and I do need to increase transfer speed since that Drobo Mini has all my Virtual Machines I need at my consulting work…)

Is Drobo Mini thunderbolt port 2 or 1 compatible?
Is it about the thunderbolt cable that came originally with the Drobo Mini?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.



I think the mini is only TB 1 - I’m using it with my 2011 iMac which definitely only has the original Thunderbolt

If your adapter is only TB2, maybe you need something like this?


Thank you, I’ll check it out… but I guess my unit, being newer, should support THBLT 2


[color=#FF0000]Case closed… Drobo products listed below, do not support thunderbolt on Windows… no one adapter will do the trick… [/color]