Drobo Mini Stuck in Reboot Loop

Wow, tough getting around the last couple of days. My registered ID here (the profile that has my Drobo S and Drobo Mini registered to it) kicked back with a “we’ve reset your password, check your inbox” message… which I never received (tried several times). So unable to log an online support ticket.

The telephones apparently have some issue… the website splash page said something about unscheduled maintenance and no one ever picked up.

Anyway, I registered with a different user name so I could get in here…

I’m running a Drobo Mini (firmware 3.0.4, Drobo Dashboard 2.6.3, Mac OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite)), using the Thunderbolt interface. The Mini is configured with four 1-TB HDD’s plus the SSD accelerator cache.

While running, the Mini was bumped and one of the drives was physically popped from its slot. That, of course, put the Mini in data protection mode.

The ejected drive was re-inserted and the Mini went into data recovery. Took 3-4 hours, with steady and uneventful progression of the status bar.

Upon competing, the unit rebooted.

Now, it does not recognize the drive that had been ejected. I’m not terribly concerned about that (am more than happy to replace that drive, if needed).

The big deal right now is the unit is stuck in a reboot loop. After each reboot it will usually mount (but not always); and sometimes is detected by Drobo Dashboard, sometimes not.

Looking around on the forum here and in the Knowledge Base I see that reboot loops are not at all uncommon. I followed the instructions in Answer ID 102 (pulling the power cord right when a reboot had completed, removing all HDD’s, powering up with all slots empty, capturing a Diag, powering down, reinserting the HDD’s, and powering back up.

No change. Still stuck in the reboot loop.

At this point my overarching concern is to get the Mini up and stable long enough to pull its data over to my Drobo S (which is fine).

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance…