Drobo mini firmware update failure w/SendCommand error

We have a Drobo mini running fine with 3.0.7 firmware, connected to a 2011 Mac Mini via Thunderbolt. In preparation to update from 10.7 (Lion), I went to update the Drobo’s firmware after first updating Dashboard to 2.6.9.

Dashboard offered to update to 3.1.1 firmware, but that failed, freezing on various attempts (after successful download) somewhere between 3% and 15% into the update. The logged error message went along the lines of:

SendCommand failed for 0x0, 0x70, serviceResponse=1, TaskStatus: 0

After the first failure, I tried unmounting the Drobo’s volume to ensure nothing else was interfering, but that made no difference.

What’s going on and what will solve this problem?

If the Auto update of the Firmware using the Dashboard failed… you can try to manually update the firmware instead… is more stable this way.

  1. Go to Drobo.com and download the firmware file to you Mac
  2. Open Dashboard and click Manual Update Firmware …

This other article on failed firmware updates, which I reached via the link given in the Dashboard failure message, discusses a different procedure that involves first removing the drives before updating the firmware:


Does anyone know anything about the firmware update problem I’m reporting, perhaps even enough to comment on which procedure is most safe and appropriate?

The firmware version currently offered on the Drobo Mini support page is 3.2.1, so that’s what I think I’ll go with if I go the manual route.