Drobo Mini Fans are too loud


I just bought and started working with a Drobo Mini as a backup solution for my office workspace. Unfortunately the fans are running without any break ever since I turned on the Drobo on Saturday. And boy - these things are loud as hell!!!

My Mac Mini sitting on my desktop right next to me is not to hear at all. The Drobo Mini sitting under my desktop is a constant source of noise hence pain in my ears. It is sitting there getting enough fresh air with enough space around it so the fans actually shouldn’t run all the time.

Oh, and the noise is nothing that comes from “vibrations” as was already answered in other threads. It seems to me that Data Robotics just uses the cheapest fans available and on top of that is not able to code a piece of software to run the fans in a proper way…

i agree, the fans are appallingly loud.
i’ve been looking for maths for a way to turn them off.
the only way so far is to stop using the drobo.
and if nothing better turns up, that’s what i’m going to do.
sadly, if they don’t do something there won’t be anymore little drobo’s.[hr]

that should read… for months…
sadly the edit button doesn’t work on the forum…
akin to other software they’re peddling…

yep definitely LOUD-ish.

I want to hide this unit away under the desk, as far away from me as possible.
However, I also want to turn it off when I am not using it, and that tiny little power switch on the back is hard to reach on the desktop! Imagine crawling under the desk to get at it…

It would be nice if the Drobo Dashboard included some fan speed management ( and temperature monitoring!!) I mean, the device must have some temp sensors, right?