Drobo Mini Detected but not mounting

Hello Drobo Family,

I have a Drobo Mini hooked to a Windows 10 machine via USB.

To date the drobo has been working with no issue.
Recently, the Drobo Mini has stopped mounting on the file explorer.

The Drobo mini is detected by the Disk Management software and if i disconnect it from the pc, i get a chime informing me that the disk is being disconnected.

I have followed advice from @rockwoodcolin to @Docchris on the “[SOLVED] 5D does not show up in Windows 10 File Explorer” thread, but despite following the recommended actions, nothing has worked for me.

Here are some details:

  • The relevant disk is identified as “Disk 4” but does not have a letter assigned to it.
  • If right-clicking the disk, the option of assigning or changing the letter cannot be selected.

Can anyone out there provide some support on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance