Drobo Mini Data Loss

I have a Drobo Mini with 4 - 2TB drives in it. I use it to store video files and a relatively small database. On Tuesday, the Drobo was accidentally knocked off the desk I was using. When it hit the floor, the front cover came off and the top left drive ejected.

Now, when I power it up, it goes through it’s boot sequence normally and everything seems to be working fine. When I access it, the only thing left is the database. Over 5TB of videos are missing.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them as well?

yikes, that was probably a nasty impact ):

assuming that you put the top-left drive back in place before powering up, then i think what would be good to to, is to copy that database somewhere as a backup (since its relatively small) and to then to try running disk utility maintenance (or disk warrior) on it, in case some physical impact caused data corruptions, and it might be able to rectify things.

(if you are not sure about the maintenance, then you could try shutting all down, waiting a few minutes and rebooting the drobo on its own, to let it go into the bootup sequence with blue leds, and if the leds seem to show the correct amount of usage in % and all drive bay lights are ok, and then it goes into standby mode, you could then try to book up the computer, and then attach the drobo back again which should wake it up, and it may self correct.)

by the way, from how high was the drop?