Drobo mini, barely 2 years old: READ ERRORS CRASH OSX


The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “A1-00012.wav” can’t be read or written. (error code -36)

followed by…

Disk Not Ejected Properly. Eject “Drobo” before disconnecting or turning it off.

Anybody have any help? DROBO tells me ‘support is UNAVAILABLE’ as the unit is OUT OF WARRANTY.

Was running fine, in fact has barely been used ( a few dozen gigs read/write every couple of weeks the rest of the time on idle).

I dunno if this is related to the recent OSX 10.13.6. update, but I only discovered the “SECRETLY BAD DATA” issue a couple of weeks ago, when I went to BACK IT UP :frowning:


Disk utility says its ALL GOOD.

DROBO “We-don’t-care” people washed their hands of me, suggested I buy the $130 “disk Warrior” utility. That just arrived today, and I ran it, and it gives the drobo file system CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH.

So… this ‘read error’ must be something “low-level”??

I was overdue for backup, so I got started copying the entire contents of the drobo to a local NAS. I was able to copy about 1/4 of the data off the array just fine. Process then STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS with disk read error popup.

Acknowledging the error BLACKSCREENS the mac, it reboots instantly. After I reboot and reconnect, I can see the offending file, and if I click on it and ask for “Information”, I get the error message again - AND THE MACHINE CRASHES AND REBOOTS.

The worst part about this ( apart from the non-existent drobo support) is the fact that there is still three quarters of the data sitting there… I have no way of knowing WHAT OTHER files are also corrupt, until I go through the process of trying to copy more.

Am I the only one in the world who has seen this issue? Or are there any hints??

Thanks In advance!


Well, this is interesting: hooked the DROBO up to WIn10 machine ( via USB3, using the special driver allowing the Apple filesystem). Saw the “problem” WAV file (50MB), and two more made about the same time (both 0kb).
Deleted the three files, and was then able to back up EVERYTHING on the drobo to a local NAS.

Now I kind of REGRET having deleted those three files, because if it was a bad block, now that block is available again for writing? (??).

Is there some utility I can use for a low-level check of the drives in the drobo? They all passed their SMART testing…