Drobo Mini and Seagate Spinpoint 2T

Hello, I just installed 4 of the new Seagate Spinpoint 2T in my Mini. The Drobo Dashboard sees them all 4 in the Drive Info and gives them Good Health and reads their Product IDs and s/n and firmware, however in the System info the Health is Critical and all the leds are Red, like the drives may be incompatible. In fact upon starting the Drobo Mini I was not presented with the necessary Format page. How can I try to format those?

I did write to Support before making the order and was told that the drives “should” work (SATA 6Gb/s). Maybe I am missing something or else each drive should have been formatted individually by the Mac Disk Utility before being inserted? Any suggestion please? thx

They work alright!. I have written to Drobo Technical support and within 24 hours the reply came in. They advised to do a complete reset as per the Link: How can I clear all my data off my Drobo storage device and start anew? Which I did.

This is what I did:
1_Updated the Drobo Dashboard to 2.6.2
2_Updated the Drobo Mini Firmware to 3.1.1
3_I did a manual pinhole reset (with only two drives installed)
4_I was presented with the format request window which I did
5_I inserted the other two drives (I had them pre formatted with Disk Utility, however that was probably not necessary)
6_I restored all my data with CCC and tested OK.

The only additional comment is that the manual pinhole reset was kind of awkward since it is not evident how much force you have to apply as there is no noticeable movement or click once you are pressing the clip inside and you have to wait a fair amount of time before the leds turn green. However it worked. Many thanks to Support.

Glad to hear support was able to help you resolve this issue, definitely feel free to reach out to support any time you have an issue with your Drobo Mini. The Pinhole reset can be tricky, although has been proven to be effective when needing to reset a disk pack, your feedback has been heard.

Kind Regards,

Drobo Support