Drobo merges with Transporter


Anyone seen this yet?

Nope, interesting! But I’ll wait until everything is signed… I’ve seen a lot of these fall through during the due-diligence.
Could be quite cool if it happens.

Could be cool, indeed! Drobo 5N-like device as a stand-alone, autonomous P2P storage node. Like running the BitTorrent Sync client but officially supported and working out of the box. But you’re right, let’s at least wait for some official announcement.

I have and a few from the team are from the original Drobo team so no big merger issues there.

I just read that Drobo is laying off a chunk of their staff for this merger.

I’ve been uniquely impressed by the really great people at Drobo.
No matter which way you go, I hope this stressful time brings you joy and prosperity and new inspirations.
You’re in my thoughts.

I share the sentiment. I take comfort in the fact that 99% of the people who left my workplace landed in much better places. One day that will be me as well.

i think it is really interesting :slight_smile:

since both companies are separate, they probably have separate patents for their designs and solutions.
i dont know the other companies product, havent seen or used it before, but if both seem to have something cool, then it might just be a case of them finding a way to be able to use the benefits of both patents to make cool new stuff.

(the fact that they might have good and founding relations is likely to help the process go smoother).

can you imagine this?..
a Transporter, with simple (widely universal tv connections, including av phono plugs / scart out) which simply plugs into a tv.
a Drobo (hopefully a cheaper consumer model) with features in hardware and dashboard to recognise the Transporter
a simply way of “drag and drop your media files into this folder, and as soon as it’s ready, the drobo will transport the data streams to the transporter, and the transporter flashes green when ready to play, and you push the transporter button and the signal starts playing on the tv”.

== BIG win :slight_smile:
(if it happens, and as per usual on several forum post ideas… remember me and give me a 1 % lol :)[hr]
EDIT: by the time i replied, i didnt see the fact some some people will go.
(thats never a good thing)

I think it would be awesome if the Transporter device reflected Drobo status with a kind of lava lamp display… :slight_smile:

I think their goal is to merge both technologies within one physical device, i.e. something like 5N with Transporter functionality baked into its firmware. At least that seems reasonable to me.

Assuming no large redesign, it’d totally look like a chimney with a fireplace (drive bays) underneath!

Well, I assumed they’ll get rid of this once they no longer need a single, vertically mounted 2.5" drive and just go with Drobo form factor but who knows, your idea definitely sounds more fun :slight_smile:

It has to look like Robby the Robot or I’m not buying:

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dont forget the GUNTEC robot from lost in space :)[hr]
i had a closer look into the transporter, and there are some interesting clips on youtube from the official channel.
(it seems its actually more file synching than streaming related, as my 1st post was thinking)

… but it doesnt mean that it “couldnt” do that idea at some point :slight_smile:

Yes, it basically does the similar thing to what BitTorrent Sync does, but in hardware and with a user interface easy enough to be used by everyone and their cat if I got this right.

I read one articles comparing the Transporter to the Pogoplug. I would really love to get my hands on a Transporter but somehow CD is excluding the country where I’m residing. Wonder why? I’m pretty sure the Transporter is no longer ACME but CCME. I still have the foggiest idea why people are buying the Transporter but not Pogoplug, despite Pogoplug is trying so hard to provide “Unlimited Storage” for a few dollars per month. Could someone enlighten me?

Rambo, that’s a good question, and it might not be easy to answer.
Transporter’s documentation is skeletal, so I’m not sure how one could verify their claims (and they claim things like HIPAA compliance!)

To be fair, I’m not their target audience. Transporter requires all computers to run the latest 2 versions of Windows or OSX.