Drobo makes optimization of the written data?



I use Drobo 5D (5 disks on 3GB) connection on Thunderbolt.
Initially the speed of a read and write was good, but after I began to fill with its information speed fell twice, now the disk is filled approximately on a third. I want to learn under what conditions of Drobo makes optimization of the written data?:

1. When Drobo is connected to the computer by a cable, mounted in Finder and at the same time Drobo Dashboard is launched.
2. When Drobo is connected to the computer by a cable, mounted in Finder, but Drobo Dashboard isn’t launched.
3. When Drobo is connected to the computer by a cable, eject in Finder, according to Drobo Dashboard isn’t launched too.


hi klaus,
i think the drobos will carry out optimisation, even if dashboard is not running, because there are plenty of times when dashboard will not be running. For example, while its good to have dashboad running to be able to see more info, such as about the status, and not to overfill the drobo, i usually have dashboard running at the start, but if i do some backups or some other intensive things like exporting a render, or virus scanning etc, i tend to close it until finished, and then when im ready i launch it again to use dashboard to shut down the drobo.

i think scrubbing (verification) of data is once a month, but there could be several reasons why it might be a bit slow from time to time… for example:

  • maybe spotlight (or windows) search indexing is running
  • maybe another app is building a database, like itunes or spotify etc
  • maybe antivirus has scheduled an intensive scan
  • maybe scrubbing is taking place (which i believe will take about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have, based on one of my drobos recently)
  • if you have all bays used with drives, it will become a bit slower per extra drive
  • if you fill it up quite a lot, like above 94% used, it will slow down (like pretty much any other drive or device)
  • if you have recently added or modified a lot of data, it does its own internal optimisation ( a bit like its own defrag)
  • if you have deleted a lot of data (or lots of files) it does some space reclamation (but usually you can see this with dashboard regularly updating its used and free values and % values)

also, depending on how the connection is made, like with thunbderbolts going through other devices or hubs, or a direct connection, that can slow things too. (you could also try with a usb 3 direct cable connection as a test if you can)

also, whenever my computer was slow for some reason, it would also slow down anything else, so it could also be the computer causing it to be a bit slow (in some cases too)

if it does go very slow though, it is probably worth checking in dashboard to see if you have any label messages for a drive, saying Healed or Warning? (in which case it might be a drive possibly starting to go bad?)


Paul, thanks for the detailed response.

I think if developers added the status to Dashboard that the device is optimized and process will take so much time, much would become simpler to be controlled the process. Now optimization of data is very foggy, process is launched or not it isn’t clear. For example when Spotlight Mac Os scans many data that there is a process of mds and it is clear why productivity of disks decreased. At Drobo I understand it only when I need high-speed data record, and as a result I receive record at the level of one disk HDD.

P.S. Connection on Thunderbolt on a straight line to the computer. Dashboard shows all disks a status normal.


thanks klaus,
thats a good idea about having a status to show whether some optimisations or background processes are taking place.

one of the promoted features or goals of drobos is to do with simplicity, and keeping it simple meets that goal,
but, there are also a large number of users who would like to be able to see more info.

it may be that the drobo is often doing some kind of optimisation or checking etc, so maybe there is a way to meet both sides in the middle, by adding in an extra status area, possibly an extra tab in dashboard or something, so that the people who would like this info, can see it if they wish.

btw have you tied a direct usb connection? i always use usb (on windows) with a direct connection, and it always seems to work fine for me, even doing video compositing and editing and outputting final renders etc.
(though sometimes i keep the larger source material on a drobo, and render the smaller output files to local drive, at least until i am happy with the final result, as it is usually quicker that way)


Yes Paul this function would be very desirable to receive, add it it is possible in the Dashboard tab. Let her show the status of optimization and approximately е termination time. It very much would help me.
I use direct connection on Thunderbolt.[hr]
It would be wonderful if process of optimization can be started in manual. To start it for the night, and in the morning already to continue work on high-speed Drobo)))


thanks klaus, i also added a post with some more thoughts about it, in the feature request area for the devs:
(in case i misunderstood anything or if there is anything else to add, please do feel free to also update or comment there too)