Drobo Macdrive

i have a Mac formatted drobo v2, on USB, the drobo is formatted to mac HFS+ 16TB (i have a 2TB and 3 1TB drives).

in mac leopard the drive works flawlessly, when i load windows xp sp2 (boot camp, so same computer), i have macdrive installed (used before for sharing drives between mac and windows easily) but the drobo just won’t show up inside my computer … anyone else noticed this or is there a solution.

Drobo firmware is the latest, macdrive version 7

is it just that macdrive cannot see the drobo because of how it shows as being 16TB, and windows not being able to see larger than 2TB on a single volume … or is it somthing else, does anyone have a working setup like this

sorry for the long winded way of writing … thanks for any help to anyone

XP has a size limitation of 2TB, it won’t be able to see the 16TB volume size.

dam … is there anyway around this or would i have reformat the drobo to a limit of 2TB … which wont really help me

It is a limitation of the OS, either use a different OS that supports larger volume sizes or reformat to 2TB that XP will see.