Drobo, Mac Mini, iTunes

I just purchased a Drobo for two purposes - 1) Time Machine backup for two Macs, and 2) file storage. My Drobo unit is connected via Firewire to a new Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is sharing the Drobo (using simple file sharing function in preferences in OSX). I want my other machine, an iMac, to automount and show the Drobo at all times both on the desktop and in the Finder sidebar. I can easily mount the drive manually by browsing my Mac Mini, but when I logoff or sleep my iMac, the Drobo disappears and I must go in and remount by clicking through the Mac Mini. Is there a way to auto-mount the Drobo? It’s actually causing me a problem as I’m trying to consolidate my iTunes Library (it currently resides on my iMac) onto the Drobo so I can share the same library on both my iMac and the new Mac Mini. The consolidation is timing out about 4 hours into the data transfer due to the Drobo dropping off as a share on my iMac. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Forgot to mention that the Mac Mini and the Drobo units are on and connected to the network 24/7. The Mac Mini is set so that it never sleeps. I’m not sure about the Drobo. I just plugged it in and installed Drobo Dashboard.

Go to System Prefs/Accounts and select your user account. Then click the login items and add the Drobo volume in (easiest way to do this is to have it mounted on your iMac then simply drag the volume icon into the login items window. Also make sure that any login username & password for the Drobo volume is saved to your iMac keychain. Should work as your set-up is exactly what I have and my iMac keeps the Drobo volume displayed on my desktop at all times.


Thanks Andymac, that did the trick!