Drobo Log decrypting Ruby script not working anymore

Till my last FW+DD update, I was able to use on my Drobo v2 this drobologdecrypt.rb Ruby script to get the log in clear.
But now, with FW=1.4.2 and DD=2.2.1 it does not work anymore.
Was anybody able to decrypt the new format Log with the latest FW+DD versions ?

It is a real pain, Drobo users having asked FOR YEARS a log in clear, and still zero answer… :frowning:

And by changing the obfuscation algorithm once again, they seem to have made their point clear that they don’t intend to, didn’t they? :wink:

Ugh. I was afraid this might happen some day.

Log files for both the Drobo S and the DroboPro are encrypted (not just obfuscated, but actually resistant to utilities which look for known strings). I didn’t notice, from the header, what type of encryption they use.
Firmware files for both also appear to be encrypted. I could use tools like binwalk to pick apart the firmware files for the 4-bay, but I find only binary mess in looking at the firmware updates for Drobo S and DroboPro.

It certainly does seem like Drobo has made their decision.

i saw some decoded logs before, they actually look really cool and have ascii art to show graphs of various things.
pretty cool stuff