Drobo Lights going Pale Red and Shutting Down

My Drobo’s been behaving fine until suddenly yesterday when I went to the computer to which it’s attached, I saw warnings that the Drobo had disconnected without ejecting. It was running at that moment, so I thought, “Hmm, weird. Power failure?”

This morning I see the same warnings and the Drobo was shut off, so I thought “Uh oh”, and turned it on again. After it came back up, I retrieved and uploaded diagnostics in case I needed it. It stayed up for about an hour, then suddenly all the drive lights went to a pale red (not the vibrant red I’ve seen before) for maybe thirty seconds, and then the Drobo turned off again.

Tried turning it on again, it finished a boot sequence and stayed up for maybe five minutes and the same pattern – lights go red, drobo shuts down. I talked to Drobo Support but apparently without DroboCare (the unit’s past standard warranty), they won’t check the diagnostics to find out what’s going on. I’m not super-keen to buy DroboCare (if I even can, I don’t know) to then discover the unit is dead and I have to buy a new one. If buying DroboCare means that I can get the unit fixed without a full replacement, then sure, I’m ok with that. Also don’t want to just assume that that’s what’s going on, buy a new unit and discover it’s doing the same thing.

So – anyone know what’s happening? Seen it before? Is there any way I can find out what the Drobo thinks is happening from the diagnostics? I’m just trying to understand what the likely problem is and what my options are.

FWIW, this is what I meant by pale red:

It’s a terrible photo, there isn’t a lot of light where the Drobo’s sitting, and I wanted to get the photo before it shut off, so it’s a crop of a low-light phone picture. :wink:

I’ve seen amber and green lights before, and they seemed more intense than this watered-down red.

Can you advise:
What your storage capacity is?
What percentage of spare storage you have?

The most striking thing from the photo to me are the blue lights. It looks like it is full.

It’s not full – but it’s getting there. 3TB free out of 20 or something like that? There’s two volumes because I haven’t reformatted it since the 15TB limit was a factor. I can get the specific numbers next time I start it up, assuming it stays up for a bit.

It wouldn’t power itself off for being full, in any case.

For what it’s worth, it won’t power on anymore, and even the green light on the power adaptor doesn’t go on, so I’m guessing the power supply is dead. I’m hoping to find someone with a Drobo so I can confirm that theory before buying a new one, although it looks like the power supply is also out of stock on the Drobo store.

For anyone who ends up finding the same problem – a new power adaptor definitely solved the problem for me.