drobo latest software and drivers backup on working on snow leopard

I have been trying everything. Getting some sort of error that a SCSI ,kext file will not load. Also no backup software seems to work but I can drag and drop. I put it a couple of support cases wondering if anyone else has seen stuff like this.

Snow Leopard 10.6.1 Tried to get Silverkeeper, Time Machine, DROBOCOPY, and SuperDuper.

I can drag and drop files all day. Running on Firewire to a late 2008 Mac Pro.

Almost two days of messing with this… And I have not even unboxed the droboshare!


Did you just install Snow Leopard?

If so, it’s best to debug your drivers on Snow Leopard before introducing something extra like a Drobo.

Chances are you have some kernel extension(s) which aren’t compatible with Snow Leopard that you have to replace or disable.

The iSCSI kext file error message is nothing to worry about. Does not affect the drobo or the drobo dashboard.

What kind of error message are you getting when trying to back up?