Drobo keeps removing and adding a drive..

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I’m seeing the following error in the event logs more often then I’d like.

Drobo detected a drive was removed

But I`m not removing any drives. 5 seconds later the event logs show

Drobo detected a new drive was added

And then it starts rebuilding. I think this happens about the same time the drives go to sleep. Im running Win7x64 and have theturn off hard diskoption set to never; so I dont understand why the Drobo seems to go quiet…

Anyone else seen thisÉ

this is the message that the seagates with the faulty firmware were throwing up, the drive was taking too long to respond to queries, then when it did respond it looked like it had just been re-inserted

what drives are you using and what firmware versions?

Western Digital Caviar Green, 1.5TBx4.
There are no firmware updates available.

Have you asked teheir support team what to do? Reading an undocumented event log file seems error prone.

I had this exact problem before (which you could probably find if Drobo migrated the old posts over).

After many steps, the diagnosis was the drive that kept disconnecting was failing. It was also a 1.5GB WD Caviar GP.

How can you tell which drive keeps failing? I don’t see any place in any log that tells me.

it will say quite clearly in the log which drive is failed and then re-added,

but the obvious way is to catch it when it goes red (assuming you are near your drobo during an incident)

or you can send your logs to DRI and they will tell you

I turned off my Drobo, pulled out the drive, and ran tests on it.

Where are these logs files? I can’t find any log file create by the drobo software.

You can pull a log file for a Drobo, “decode it”, and get some insight into what happened.

Read instructions here:

If you’re running OS X, you can Get Diagnostic Information from the Drobo Dashboard menu. Then follow the instructions in the thread above.

None of the php scripts work for me.

Hmm…I’m not a php expert so I can’t offer much help, but maybe someone else here could help. What exactly goes wrong when you try to run the scripts?