Drobo keeps going to sleep on Mac OSX 10.6.4

It seems my drobo ( 4x2tb) keeps going to sleep or loosing conectivity with mac if i use droboshare over ethernet or direct with usb. Tried different cables but same problem.
I just connected via usb to use disk warrior for a directory problem where folders appeared to have no content but actually do. Got half way through a rebuild and the drobo just stopped talking with 4 green lights and the power light on and first 5 blue lights.
I have over 2.7TB of itunes media which i dont ( cant afford ) to loose.
Any ideas on what’s causing this issue and how to resolve it without loosing data??
any help appreciated

You would have a better chance of getting useful help if you did not split your problem over 3 different threads…

Did that as oroblems seemed seperate issue, ie the Disk Warrior one only came up after trying it and also did not seem to be getting answers to loss of connection / disapearing files post!!