Drobo keeps going into Stand-By mode via Airport Extreme

I just purchased Drobo and I’m trying to work through the bugs. I had the Error 109 when trying to do Time Machine backup but I think I have figured that error out. But this morning Drobo keeps going into standby mode every time I unhook the firewire and try to connect via the usb into Airport Extreme.

Basically it won’t connect via the Airport Extreme. It keeps going into standby mode instantly. Any solutions?

(I was using a Nexstar to back up to TimeMachine via Airport Extreme but knew this was not safe so I purchased a Drobo to have the backup safety. If I can’t work through these issues I’m going to send it back.)

Try the following suggestions to refine the location of the problem:

Safely shut down Drobo , move it, connect it directly to your host computer using USB (a different cable), power it up, and start using Drobo.

If Drobo still goes into standby mode frequently, then the problem does not reside with Airport Extreme or the cable. Please contact Data Robotics technical support.

If Drobo does not keep going into standby mode, then Drobo is fine, and the problem lies with Airport Extreme or the cable.
Try using a different USB cable to connect Drobo to Airport Extreme.

If the problem stops, then you have a faulty cable.

If the problem persists, the problem probably lies with Airport Extreme. It is possible you will need to update the firmware of your Airport device. Please contact Apple for support on Airport Extreme.