Drobo keeps disconnecting

I have this minor issue where my Drobo keeps disconnecting from my computer because the firewire cable keeps disconnecting. I’ve tried a dozen different cables (different brands, cable weight, connector material), but all of them will fall out randomly. From what I can tell, the cable will fit into the connect, but the connection isn’t snug; it feels loose and wobbly.

USB works and the connection is snug, but it’s also very slow not to mention my computer doesn’t have any free USB ports. None of my other firewire drives have this issue. All of them fit perfectly.

I’d like to know if this is covered by warranty. Is this a common issue? I don’t really want to send my Drobo in, because more importantly I don’t want to lose my Drobo for a few weeks. Are there any fixes to this that I can do? I’m not gluing my cable into the connection and taping the cable to the table doesn’t work very well because I do move my Drobo with when I travel around.

I would open a support case. If you are under warranty, it will be replaced.