Drobo keeps disconnecting (not 1.3.5)

I’m reading about all the issues with 1.3.5, so I’m not upgrade at this time…

That said I’ve been having an issue lately. Basically the Drobo disappears from my desktop at random times. The weird part is when it’s gone whatever I’m doing still works and for some reason Drobo Dashboard does not detect anything wrong. These disappearances are only for half a second, but they are noticeable since the icon is pretty noticeable when it disappears. It’s like the icon flickers off like with a fluorescent light.

All my lights are green and I do not have any read/write problems (knock on wood).

I have about 20% free space.

a few extra details? like mc/pc and which os would possibly be a good place to start?

What OS?
Whats the current Firmware?
Using USB or FW?

Mac Pro 2009 / 10.6.1 Server
Firmware 1.3.0
Dashboard 1.5.1
Firewire 800

Components in signature.

I would recommend updating your firmware to 1.3.5.
After updating, then run repair disk from disk utility.

For some reason this problem has gone away.

I am wary of upgrading to 1.3.5 due to the number of reports of failing Drobos on this forum.

EDIT: I just updated to 1.3.5; so far so good. :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. BUT I may have a clue. I was running the Dashboard all the time and the Drobo would crash red overheat light. IT would then restart and work for a while. I have since stopped using the dashboard and have been able to do one of my backups using Silverkeeper. Second backup in process with dashboard not running. Will see if it finishes.

Mac 10.6.1 latest Drobo Dashboard and Firmware. I did put in a case but since I do not seem to have a customer login yet I cannot get in to update my case.

Maybe someone else can try this leave the dashboard off and see if the Drobo acts ok. I am still not sure