Drobo keeps cutting it's own power

I have a problem.

For the last 3 boot ups, the boot goes to about 70% (well the drive space indicator is used as a progress indicator during boot) and then the Drobo goes to sleep. After a few minutes, it will wake up again and continue booting up (so the progress bar will start at around 50%).

Then without explanation, the Drobo will reset like someone just pulled the plug and reinserted it immediately; of course no one is actually doing that. Afterwards it will try to reboot. If I’m lucky it will boot without any issues, if not, the cycle will repeat.

My answers:
Q: What do I have?
A: Drobo S
Q: What connections do I use?
A: I have tested eSATA, FW800, and USB 2.0; I usually use eSATA because it is the fastest, but this issue occurs on all 3
Q: What kind of computer do I use?
A: 2009 Mac Pro
Q: What OS?
A: 10.6.3 “Snow Leopard” Server
Q: 32-bit or 64-bit kernel?
A: 64-bit; this the default for server
Q: What dashboard version do I have?
A: 1.6.8
Q: What is the firmware on my Drobo S?
A: 2.0.1

Anyways, anyone have any idea what could be going on?


Might be a defective unit, i would contact customer support asap.

Yes, please open a case.

It turned out to be a broken Firewire controller.