Drobo keep removing and adding a drive

I’m seeing the following error in the event logs more often then I’d like.

Drobo detected a drive was removed

But I`m not removing any drives. 5 seconds later the event logs show

Drobo detected a new drive was added

And then it starts rebuilding. I think this happens about the same time the drives go to sleep. Im running Win7x64 and have theturn off hard diskoption set to never; so I dont understand why the Drobo seems to go quiet…

Anyone else seen thisÉ

I have seen these as pop ups - and can confimr they seem to be related to the drives going to sleep or on a repid restart where the drive might not spin down all the way …

Where are the event logs you are viewing?

Is it always the same drive? I’d suggest you should cast a suspicious eye on the drive causing the errors. It may be about to fail. Are you set up to be able to pull it out and test it in a more communicative system? It is probably developing S.M.A.R.T. errors.

DRI - can I please re-iterate my complaint/request that this is yet another example of the desperate need for the DroboPro to communicate more effectively about the state of itself and its drives? Temperature, SMART errors, fan speed, access rates, re-check and relayout status. We want them all. Let’s put the “Pro” in DroboPro.

I agree with @corndog here - the drives have all kinds of stuff available, and I know from the old days when we could decrypt the Drobo logs (sigh…) that Drobo are reading things like drive temperatures. Why not have a panel in Dashboard that would allow me to see some of these things? This applies just as much to regular Drobo as it does to DroboPro. I have put in a Feature Request (http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=508).

In the Windows Event viewer, Applications.[hr]

I can’t tell which drive… the events logs don’t show it and the Drobo Dashboard doesn’t either. Any clue?

Now THAT is a painful description of exactly the main problem with the DroboPro, which makes it undeserving of the name “Pro”. You’re only option is to plant a chair in front of your DroboPro, tape your eyelids open, and watch for the drive to fail. And then do it again. And then do it again, to make sure it is the same drive.


Please open a support case and submit a diagnostic file so we can see which drive is giving you problems.

Jennifer, at risk of belabouring the point, I have to say that even having to open a support case for something like this is a problem. This information should be freely available from the DroboPro, and should come in the form of an email alert - not a “please can you tell me what my Drobo wants me to know” requested to support.

This is a ridiculous response.

Open up the files again.

The log files were never open to begin with so I cannot open them up again.

@rrrevin - Please open a support case.