Drobo iSCSI questions


I am complete newb to Drobo… I’ve worked with high end EMC storage and Now Dell Compellent storage, but I got a Drobo out of the data center when we upgraded our NAS to Dell and it seems like a nice little unit. It An Elite witih two iSCSI ports.

So far so good, I’ve built an VMware cluster using it and it works well.

Couple of questions though. Does it do email alerts if a drive fails? I have setup my iSCSI on a VLAN on a cisco 2960 switch and configured Jumbo frames. I don’t currently have any routing out of the VLAN, but I could put a VM on that vSwitch and have it catch alerts if the Drobo will do it, I would look on the Dashboard to see if it can be configured, didn’t think of it while setting up… but then my second question

Can I connect to the Dashboard through the iSCSI interface? Not sure why they made it so that iSCSI stops working when the USB is connected, but seems like there must be someway to get at the Dash when it is in production? Or not? It pretty much means I have to shut down my whole cluster and reboot the Drobo if I need to go and check anything and as I have pretty much setup a cluster and HA in vSphere, I would sooner not do that.

Thanks for any advice, appreciate it.

hi, i have not used this model myself, but maybe these pages can help you:

i would imagine that a production device would have some way of being able to see the status, but please hang in there and some other users of the droboelite users might be able to advise you.

(you might be able to also raise a support ticket, though with the elite being an older model you would probably be out of warraty, though i believe all models have a possible payper incident in case you need it)

Hii Paul, thanks for the reply… neither of those pages really addresses my problem.

I don’t mind so much having to take it offline to add disks I guess, I won’t be doing that all that often, I am adding some 4TB disks to it and will just take the cluster down for maintenance.

I am more concerned at the lack of any alerting process that I can see though. Having to visually check the system every day is fairly easy now as my comms closet in the basement doesn’t have a door and I see the lights all flashing green every morning, but eventually it will and I will need to check it all every morning. Seems like there should be a mechanism for sending alerts.

ah please also find some more information here for you regarding alerts, as drobos can send out alerts:

(the page also has some related links with section name for a differne model but if you can have a look at these too, they might be able work with your model and setup)

if there does not seem to be a feature that you need though, then you could try this page too: