Drobo has never worked correctly yet.....

I purchased the Drobo solely for use with Linux. I’ve had my drobo for two weeks. I haven’t been able to make it work correctly, at all.

Tested with (just in case the “beta” support for Linux means “it doesn’t work at all”:
Linux with EXT3: 2TB LUN
Windows XP with NTFS: 2TB LUN
Windows Vista with NTFS: 2TB and 16TB LUN

5 different disks with many different combinations:
80GB seagate
160GB WD
80GB hitatchi
80GB maxtor

I ran a multitude of write tests. I can’t even get to the 85% threshold (yellow light) before the drobo locks up and the volume becomes unmountable. This results is 100% data loss. I went through every supported configuration and two firmware updates (automatic and manual) and three different machines one Linux and two Windows XP and Vista. I have a support case open, it’s been a week with no call back.

So far,… my opinion is “absolute junk”. I just installed Openfiler with the four 1.5 TB disks that were supposed to go into the drobo. I love it. it’s a wonderful NAS/SAN.

I’m still trying to resolve this issue with DRI,… I just want a working drobo in ANY supported configuration. Granted, I will now be using the drobo (if it works) as a backup of my backup. I just can’t trust it.

Question #: 091106-000051