Drobo hard drives are always active, noisy.

I’ve had Drobo for a few months now and recently I’ve noticed the hard drives are always working and never resting. It constantly sounds like they are being read from or read to even when there are no apps running, or file transfers going on. At first I thought it might be the Drobo doing its thing and working on its redundancy, but it’s just constant now. When I first got it it was silent 95% of the time and would only get noisy when doing read/writes. As the Drobo sits on my desk and close to me, and I work at my computer 12 hours a day, it’s been driving me crazy.

Can someone please help? I will call tech support soon and I’ll post a response if I get one.



have you got an indexers/finders/search things (windows search, osx finder, google desktop search) set in index drobo ? (you would need to check their settings and dont forget the OS ones are often on by default)

also, pull your log files and send them to DRI and thats about the only way you will be able to see whats its doing