Drobo Gen2 won't recognize 2T WD red drives

I’ve had a Drobo Gen 2 for a few years and it’s worked fine with 3 WD Caviar Green drives: 2 x 1.5T, 1 x 2T (plus one unused bay).

But the Drobo finally filled up and I tried to add some capacity. I updated the firmware and Dashboard first, and everything worked fine. Then I bought 3 x WD Red 2T drives, which should be perfectly compatible (not too big, Drobo likes WD). My thought was to get rid of the smaller drives and have higher quality 2T drives. But I’m having no end of problems.

I first tried just adding one of the new drives to the open bay. The Drobo didn’t recognize it. I reseated the drive–nothing. Bad drive? I tried another new drive–same thing. Bad bay? I tried moving one of the existing drives into it and putting a new drive into its previous slot. After days, I finally got all green lights, but then my Macbook Pro (OSX 10.11.3) stopped seeing the Drobo. I repowered everything, and while I can now see my Drobo and files again, the Drobo started the configuration all over again (blinking green and orange lights on all bays). Argh! I assume I’m in an endless loop now. No reason to think things will be different in 48 hours.

First off, is it normal for my Drobo to take 2 full days (or more) to reorganize itself every time I remove and replace a drive? This is making it insanely difficult to troubleshoot.

Second, is there a problem with using new 2T WD Red drives in the Drobo Gen 2? It sure doesn’t seem to want to recognize them consistently.


I can only say that my gen2 drobo with FW v1.4.2 works with 2TB WD Red drives without problems.

I would suggest to try make a new disk pack with only WD Red drives to see if they are accepted without your old drives…

[quote=“Bytec, post:2, topic:142866”]
I can only say that my gen2 drobo with FW v1.4.2 works with 2TB WD Red drives without problems.[/quote]

Good to know!

Thanks for the suggestion. So, do you mean remove all the old drives, insert the new drives and see if that works, or is there more to creating a new “disk pack”?

Yes, boot up your drobo without old disks and then try to make new disk pack out of blank WD Red HDDs - see what drobo Dashboard is showing.

Can you hear HDDs spinning up? If not, then I would say there is a SATA connection problem.