Drobo Gen2 Rebuild Time Increasing

I ran low on storage recently and installed a 4TB drive in my Gen2, and my rebuild time has been increasing, rather than decreasing, for two days. Earlier today, it said 38 hours, then 88, then 123, and now it wants 165 hours to finish. This seems like pretty abnormal behavior. Has anyone experienced this?

the rebuild time is estimated using the current speed it is rebuilding at.

if something else is accessing the drobo (you, a search indexer, anything) then the rebuild time will go up.

if you want he fastest rebuild time possible, and dont need access to anything on the drobo. turn off your computer. remove the USB cable from Drobo. it will continue to rebuild and then go into standby when it is finished, and you can be sure nothing else is accessing it.

Thank you, Docchris. I’ll give it a try.

Just an update, the Drobo did eventually finish rebuilding. Thanks for the advice, Docchris.

excellent, glad to hear it!