Drobo Gen2 not showing in Finder


I had to upgrade to Macbook 2016 running Sierra 10.12.2 recently as old MacBook Pro died.

I have been running Drobo Gen2 4-Bay (currently with 3 disks with 11% to go all green lights with one yellow). The Dashboard can find the Drobo and running latest firmware and dashboard.

Drobo doesn’t seem to show up in finder and not mounting. Any advice appreciated - is it time to upgrade to Drobo 5C? Is it easy to migrate from Drobo Gen2 to Drobo 5c?


hi wendy,
there is migration path and procedure for the gen2 drobo, going to a drobo5c for example which can be found here:

(i was able to migrate my diskpack from a drobo-S-gen2 into another replacement model and it went smoothly)

it might be worth trying to shutdown your drobo from dashboard, and to then restart the mac, and then the drobo one time, just to make sure in case it does become found again.

(and if you happen to have diskwarrior and are familiar with it you could also try running diskwarrior on your drobo gen2 in case it notices any problems that it can fix too)


Thanks Paul - will give this a try!


ok thanks, please let us know how things go


Try DiskUtility to list the drive, and see if it will mount from there.


Did you get this resolved? Looks like others are having issues with Drobo Gen 2 no longer mounting, but appear fine in Dashboard.


I’m having this same issue. I have the Drobo Gen2 4-Bay. It appears healthy in Drobo Dashboard and is mounted normally in Disk Utility. Repair Disk command in Disk Utility finds no issues.

I powered down the Drobo from Dashboard then restarted the iMac, but the issue persists.

Any other suggestions?


I bit the bullet and bought Disk Warrior for $129 ran it and it brought it back up.


thanks for your info larry about it fixing your issue,

hi featuringdave, am not sure if you happen to have access to diskwarrior, though in case not possible, what happens if you try powering down the drobo and mac like you did before, but to actually try keeping them powered off for over 5 minutes, and then trying again (also with another port if available)… a few times in the past i had some ports that got locked somehow, and doing that fixed it for me (on windows)


I plugged the Drobo into an old mac running 10.6.8 to pull data off, then when I plugged it back into my current iMac it mounted properly. I don’t know which step in the process resolved it or if the issue will come back, but it is resolved for the moment. Thanks for the guidance! It saved me shelling out $600 on the new Drobo


thanks for your update dave, and am glad its working again for you