Drobo Gen2 + MacOS Catalina

I am wondering if anyone is running version 2.6.4 Dashboard on Catalina. My Gen2 mounts just fine (though it seems to take longer) and I am not experiencing any of the random unmounting reported. I just don’t like flying blind.

Would newer Dashboard versions recognize the Drobo Gen2?

I know that the Gen2 is not officially supported, but there’s a lot of grey area between that and “it works well enough, but you’re on your own if things go pear-shaped”.


So I just got around to trying this out and the answer is “Yes!”

The latest Drobo Dashboard (v 3.5.0) works very nicely with the Gen 2 Drobo on Catalina. One thing that I’ve noticed is that it takes a very long time for the Drobo to mount, either when plugging it in with the USB or when the system boots. Also, if I unmount it and then try to mount it again, it takes a long time to mount. No idea what it’s doing. But, once it’s mounted, it’s solid.

I just replaced an original (ca. 2008) 1.5 TB drive with a new 4TB drive and it took just over 3 days to rebuild the disk pack with the new drive and no data loss. Not bad for a 11+ year old device!


You’re brave! Good to know.

Anyone using a Gen2 Drobo update Drobo Dashboard to 3.5.2 on Catalina?

I’m not sure how brave I feel anymore!