Drobo Gen2 fails to mount OSX

My Gen2 Drobo is failing to mount. It shows up in Drobo Dashboard, lights are all normal, and I can see it in Disk Utility. However, it shows as “Not Mounted” in D.U., and does not show up in Finder. I’m on 10.10.5, as I couldn’t get it to show up anywhere in El Capitan.

The only way I can get it to show up at all currently is via USB. Firewire is not working whatsoever.

I’m about to lose my mind. Any solutions?

hi max, if it is at least showing up via usb, that is good i think.

as fas as i know, sometimes disk maintenance utils (like disk utility/cocktail/disk warrior on mac, or chkdsk on windows) can fix things to get it working again, but if usb was working, then it may not be a filesystem issue…

if your usual prefererence is via firewire though, then maybe you could try shutting it down via dashboard (if possible) and then to shut down the mac too, and to wait for 10minutes. (cold boot)
and then to try with firewire again, and to power them up.

(i have had a usb ports lockup on windows before, sometimes after using different usb stick too, and cold booting fixed it)

if you can try that max, what happens now?
(maybe you could try with another firewire cable if possible, just in case that cable is a bit faulty)

Hi Paul,

I’ll give the cold boot a try when I can. For now, my Drobo has put itself in rebuild mode for the third time in a row. I’m not sure why, but I’ll need to wait about a week for it to rebuild again.

I’ve had so many problems all at once, I’m wondering if it’s nearing the end of its usable life.

ah yes i just saw your other post here (so many different posts i lose track if i dont link them) :slight_smile:

i think please let the current rebuild finish, and then you can try the cold boot, but before you power up the drobo again, can you try unplugging the power cable, and then to eject each drive (just halfway is ok) and then to gently but firmly enough push it back in, and then to plug in power and power it up?

(this is to essentially re-seat the drives before powering back up, just to make sure there wasnt a loose/intermittent connection)

another thing you could try, but only when no other rebuilds are taking place and only when the drobo is in a stable state, could be to try putting the drobo into readonnly mode, for example as mentioned here, to see if it lets you access the data for longer, before doing any more rebuilds?

(it might, if you can, be worth making a backup of the data while you have access to it, just in case, and then depending on whether it is the unit, or the drives, yes it may be worth getting another, newer unit, that you could upgrade into, ,via a migration process mentioned here: http://www.drobo.com/resource-center/migration/
or possibly a newer unit plus newer drives, which may also help with better compatibility for your computer too)

Excellent, thank you Paul. I’ll give everything a try.

If it was just a loose/intermittent connection issue, would the Drobo still do a full rebuild? It seems like if all the data are there, it shouldn’t need to rebuild.

With all the rebuilding, I’m wondering if somehow a drive is getting corrupted (or something along those lines), and if it’s possible the Drobo has anything to do with it. After the first two rebuilds, the drive seems to be in working order, though I’m unable to access it to see if all my files are there. I’m going to try plugging it into one of my Windows laptops and see if I can look at the files while it’s rebuilding. I’m not sure if I can, since it’s formatted for Mac.

And luckily, the Drobo is my backup drive, though I’m concerned about losing the data should my main storage fail as well.

ok thanks max, hopefully the readonly mode can help a bit but please let us know how things go.

(for the rebuilding part, that is a good point about the connection, and it could be that some errors are being foud on the drives - am not sure that a default windows computer will be able to access mac data natively, but if it is rebuilding currently, and if you can possibly get by without needing to access critical files during this, then it might be worth letting the rebuild complete first if you can)

Just tested the readonly mode, but no luck. I still can’t get it to mount. I also tried ejecting and reseating the disks. No luck there, either.

I’ve also tried manually mounting from Disk Utility, but nothing happens.

***I just watched this happen as I am typing this: the Drobo changed its Used/Free space from 93%/7% to 22%/88%, which is definitely way, way off. Then it popped back to normal. This thing is freaking me out right now.

thanks for the update max,
assuming that it is no longer in readonly mode, it might be worth trying disk utility again (in case if it was still in readonly mode at the time you tried it), but if that still does not work, then i think it will be worth waiting a bit more time to see if the usage values have stopped fluctuating, and then once stabilised, you could try disk warrior.

diskwarrior (while not free) has been known to fix a lot of mac-related filesystem issues, on a drobo or otherwise, and might be a good way forward (especially if you happen to already have it?)