Drobo Gen2 all disk lights gone red

My Drobo has been working fine for the past 5 years. All of a sudden, and without any intervention from my part, all the disk lights turned red-blinking and all bottom blue lights started blinking too. The power light also turned red. The dashboard did not recognize the unit.

I turned the Drobo off for about half an hour (in case of overheating) and then powered it up again. Nothing changed.

Since there is no Drobo service here in Greece, can you please help me with the following questions:

1- How can I tell if the the Drobo is faulty or just its power module?

2- If I move the disks to another Drobo unit and place them in the same order will I get my files back? This other unit has to be the exact same model or can I use one of the newer USB3.0 Drobos?

3- Is there a Drobo repair house (or specialized technician) in Europe where I can send my unit for fixing?

Thank you,

hi econ,
you might be able to still get some kind of pay per view / per incident help from support (for diagnostics if you have several other drobos from your other post here) http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=145539

but for this particular oneā€¦

maybe it is the psu. what happens if you power all down,
and unplug the usb / firewire cable from drobo
and power up?

if still the same, what happens if you power all down
and this time to remove all drives (remembering the order)
and power up?
(does it do anything differently or with different lights?)

Important: if you remove drives, they should only be put in while power is all OFF

If the drobo seems to boot up when empty, and the power light is not red or blinking at this time, then it could be a problem with the drives, but if it still has problems without the drives, then you could try the migration process which can be found here:

(also a support ticket should be able to cover the migration process if you can get one from there, even if you have to phone another country or use the web bases support it could still work if available)

Thank you very much Paul. Very useful information. I will follow your suggestions and will share my experience.

ok no problem - just remember ibomoni :slight_smile: