Drobo Gen1 on Mac OS X

Hi All,

I thought I’d post some general information which may be added to by other members to clear up the picture regarding Drobo Gen1 and Mac OS X Lion.

I have to admit that my Drobo has been working happily since I bought it over 3 years ago without any major problems and so I didn’t keep up to date with the changes until Lion was released and I looked to upgrade my iMac to it.

I will also admit, I found the Drobo FAQs a little confusing so I contacted Technical Support and a number of my queries have been answered and so I have started my transition.

Drobo Dashboard:

To run the Drobo Gen1 on Mac OS X Lion you will need to be running Drobo Dashboard 2.0.3 ( current release ) or greater. It is fully compatible with the Drobo Gen1, however, the previous Drobo Dashboard versions will not indicate that there is an update available for the Gen 1.

So, you will need to download this manually and install ( usual process of putting Drobo to sleep, removing USB Connection before installation should be followed ).

After Install ( and the required Reboot ) the new Dashboard will be available and will recognise the Gen 1.

General Operations:

After upgrading to 2.0.3 all day to day / general operations have been working for me as expected. That is, Open,Edit,Copy,Delete of Files. DroboCopy Jobs and putting the Drobo to standby.

Disk Pack Operations:

At this time, I have not tried ( based on the Drobo FAQs ) any of the Disk Pack Operations such as Format, Rename and even replacing disks to increase storage or replace a failing disk, as this will require a Firmware update which is still being worked on my Drobo.

If anybody has performed any Disk Pack Operations for a Gen1 on Lion and Dashboard 2.0.3 which have worked. Please post a response so we can add it to the list.

This is all very good news.