Drobo Gen1 Firmware

I just got an old Gen1 from a friend, Is there somewhere I can download the last updated firmware for Drobo Gen1? Thanks for the help!

I did find firmware downloads for legacy products poking round the site a while ago,
They don’t seem to include Gen 1 anymore, oldest two products being FS & Gen 2…
Depending what got archived & what didn’t you may have some luck playing with the Wayback Machine, I’ve had luck there in the past & sometimes it captures downloadable files as well as the bits you can read, it’s a lottery if it did or not though.

That said:
A Gen 1 is ancient.
Even with the latest firmware for a Gen 1 it won’t support drives over 2TB according to this:
Maximum Volume Size and Largest Size Drive (drobo.com)

I wouldn’t trust a unit that old with anything important even if it did support larger drives.
Maxing that out with 4 x 2TB drives is likely to cost more AND be less reliable than just buying the single 6TB drive it’d have the equivalent capacity to, & if one of those to setups fails, data recovery is easier from the single drive too…

Setting up a Gen 1 (or even a Gen2) from scratch really doesn’t make much sense anymore, things have moved on.

If you have a working one already set up, by all means keep it running till it dies… but don’t be surprised when it does.

Thank you for your kind advice!