Drobo Gen 3 mounting on Mac but Not detected by Dashboard

I have a Mac running Sierra and a Drobo Gen3 connected via the recomended CalDigit USB3 Card. Getting the Drobo to mount has always been a bit problematic. The only way I could get it to work was to start the Mac, turn on the Drobo and wait for the Dashboard to detect it. Disk utility would however not detect it so I’d then re-start and the second time the dashboard would detect and after a couple of minutes the Disk Utility would also detect, but not mount. I would then click un-mount and then re-mount and third time lucky that usually worked. When Dashboard offered to update I did it hoping that the update might speed up this process, but instead, we’ve gone backwards. The Dashboard refuses to detect the Drobo but strangely the Mac is and quite often mounts the Drobo as a regular drive, though it doesn’t seem to work well because it’s not detected by the dashboard. I’ve read plenty of threads where the opposite has happened, Dashboard sees it but Disk Utility doesn’t, but never this way round. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing dashboard and I’ve checked the firewall and neither have worked. Has anyone any suggestions?

hi mark,
can i check if the latest dashboard you mentioned above was version 3, for example on this page?

are there any other usb ports that you could also try plugging the gen3 directly into, and possibly via another different usb cable just as a test?

in a few cases my computer usb ports got locked (with a mix of devices), and after i shut down for about 5-10 minutes, i was able to access things again.

it might be worth trying that too, but to then only power up the computer, and then dashboard,
and then to try connecting the drobo to the usb ports and then powering up the drobo.

how do things go if you can try those out when you get a chance?

(there is also a firmware update from a few months ago which mentions improving some mounting issues on a mac, which could also help, though i would wait until you have a backup of your data before attempting a firmware upgrade to play safe)