Drobo Gen 3, Failed Drive, Reboot during rebuild


Hi All,

Before I drop $50 on DroboHelp which I’m less than enthusiastic about, I thought I’d ask here.

I have a Drobo Gen3, one of the drives failed in it two days ago. It went into protection mode, then during that, it rebooted. And rebooted again. It starts protection for a few minutes, then reboots. I reseated the rest of the drives, and was randomly getting “no drive” warnings. So, I used some compressed air and blew it all out, and got the drives that weren’t failed back inline.

New drive arrived, I pulled the bad drive to see if that would get it going. Same thing. Starts protection, stalls, and reboots. I haven’t put the new drive in yet since I don’t know if that would risk data loss (if it’s doing a re-layout and reboots, that seems worse than if it’s just in protection mode).

Of course, I submitted a ticket to support, and a diag, and got a response back “you’re out of warranty, buy a drobohelp incident”. I’m… apprehensive about that. All told I own or manage about 10 drobo devices. And when they work it’s great. When they don’t, the blackbox aspect really bugs me. And they used to be good about supporting stuff outside warranty. Guess not anymore.

Anyway, anyone got any ideas before I drop another $50 on this?