Drobo Gen 3 Catalina?

Anybody get the Drobo gen 3 to work with Catalina? I upgraded to Catalina knowing that Drobo said that it was tested. Catalina didn’t detect the device unless i restarted the Drobo. I tried a fresh install of Catalina with the same results. I contacted Drobo support and here is what they said.

“ We did not test the Drobo 5D/5Dt, 5N, Drobo Gen 3 with Catalina but there should be no issue.”

It appears that I’m up a creek too. We upgraded to Catalina on our Mini and now the Drobo isn’t detected by dashboard, and it appears to be in read-only mode.

I am using a 3rd Gen with Catalina and it mounts R/W without any problem. The drive goes to sleep and force-ejects itself at random during the night though, despite my best efforts to prevent the drives from sleeping. At this point I haven’t found ay option to stop this. The drive and dashboard apps are as up to date as can be :-\


Have you had any luck solving this issue? I’m having he same problem. Also 3rd Gen.

No luck whatsoever… I contacted Tech Support, only to get the generic reply that it was out of warranty and couldn’t find any indication anywhere of any hint of a solution.
Since the drive is working just fine on other versions of macOS X, it really looks to me like a software issue (Drobo firmware issue or maOS X issue — but in any case, not something in my hands).

While I could understand it for hardware issues, I’m really not a big fan of the Drobo support policy when it comes to software-related problems, especially for issues like this one when there is nothing the regular users can do.


Same problem. Drobo Dashboard fails to install on Catalina. The software itself may actually work but we can’t know because it can’t be installed.

I was also told by support that I was out of luck because my device was out of warranty, which doesn’t seem like it should apply to properly creating an installer.