Drobo (Gen 2) stuck in Data Recovery mode

My Drobo (Gen 2) has been stuck in Data Recovery mode (Green and Amber blinking lights) for two weeks. Drobo Dashboard can not see the Drobo and it does not mount to my MacBook Pro when I plug in the USB so I can’t move files off it.

I have four drives in the Drobo (I think they are 2x4TB, 2TB, 1TB) and six blue lights so roughly 60% full.

One partition was close to being full so I decided to move some files onto a different partition over night. When I came down in the morning the Drobo was in data Recovery mode. I decided to leave it to see what happened, but it’s now been two weeks. Also, there’s been no sound from the drives since the first day I think. Only the fan makes a noise from time to time.

My MacBook Pro runs OSX 10.14. Drobo Dashboard is version 2.6.4 and the Drobo has the latest firmware (1.4.2)

What would be the best way to proceed?

Many thanks,

After a total of 15 days stuck in Data Recovery mode I decided to take the risk and power the Drobo down. Since I did not have access to Drobo Dashboard this meant powering down my MacBook Pro and disconnect the Drobo before turning the power to the Drobo off for 5 minutes.

After plugging it back in and powering it up It went through the boot up process and showed one of the disks as red for a short while before going back into Data Recovery mode.

I decided to go through the procedure again and filming it so I could ask for support, but the second time the Drobo went to 4 green disk lights after having shown the same disk as red for a short while. On top of that the disks mounted to my Mac so I now have access to all the files.

I have left it on and ordered a Synology NAS to copy everything onto. After this experience I do not trust the Drobo any longer… :frowning:

Note: The important data from the Drobo was backed up to the cloud, but there were media on there that I did not want to lose.