Drobo Gen 2 Migration to Drobo 5N


Last year I purchased a 5N and I love it! I still have my Original Gen 2 4 Bay unit but want to upgrade it to a 2nd 5N. Can I take the 4 drives out of the Gen 2 unit and put them in the new 5N?


I popped my drives from the same 4 bay 2nd. generation directly into my 5C, and away I went. There is a transfer guide somewhere on this site. http://www.drobo.com/resource-center/migration/

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Thanks for the input. I did see the migration chart but it did not cover Gen 2 to 5N. So I just wanted to make sure.

I would follow the instructions for the 5C. Or copy to first 5N. Put old drives in new 5N. If it does not work, it will reformat the old drives in the new system.

If anyone still has this question… You CANNOT move a diskpack between a Gen2 Drobo and a 5N. The formatting is different between direct-connect and network models. Best to install new drives in the 5N and copy your data to it.