Drobo Gen 2 - max 3.5" SATA disk size?

What is the max 3.5" SATA disk size I can put into my Drobo Gen 2? (I thought is was 3TB, which I did in 2012, but now I need to more capacity)

I read somewhere in the KB they support(ed) and have tested up to 4TB, a size I’ve used myself (with 4 of them).

I’ve seen cases of people claiming 6TB work but I’d be hesitant to use them on single disk parity, there’s a high chance even with 4TB drives that a rebuild for a failed drive results in an unrecoverable error, unless you’re using enterprise class drives exclusively, which I doubt.

If you want some background google why RAID 5 is “dead”, it’s all to do with statistics & reliability, unless you have dual drive redundancy enabled (equivalent to RAID 6) I’d call a halt to anything over 4TB regardless if it apparently “works” or not.

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thank you and I went with a 4Tb. my Drobo is in Data Protection In Process now. And I need an excuse to buy a newer model Drobo :slight_smile: