Drobo Gen 2 lights flashing after inserted new drive

DEC 2020, Gen 2 had a red light on DD telling me drive failed. Replaced with 4TB of exactly the same sort. DD recognised it and began rebuilding. Computer went to sleep and now the lights are still flashing green/orange but there’s not a peep from the machine and it’s not showing on DD anymore.

Looks like I’ve lost everything and to say I’m fairly disappointed would be a mild thing.

Original drive WD Caviar greenpower 1Tb
Replaced with same except 4TB

Still connected and providing me only with a mundane strobe effect.

As lights are flashing, I’m concerned that whatever I have on it might be lost if I unplug it and try once more. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful; otherwise I might use it as target practice.

Rebuilds take just short of forever on a Gen 2, could be literally days to complete.
Dropping off Dashboard’s “radar” during a rebuild isn’t that uncommon either, give it plenty of time before declaring it dead. It might surprise you by the rebuild eventually completing.

You might try rebooting the machine attached to it, I’ve seen odd behaviour from dashboard when machines wake from sleep too.

Thank you for the salient advice on the " just short of forever". The lights have been flashing for getting on two months now. with only 5 of the blue lights ‘lit’. I would have thought that after a couple of weeks, there would have been some sort of message.
I’ll give it another ten days and then I’ll let it meet my sledgehammer.

Might be worth powering it off from the switch & booting back up in that case, if you pull the front panel off can you feel vibration from the drives?

There is no vibration, at all. There may have been back in December, but all I have now is a Drobo Gen2 with 5 blue lights and 4 flashing green/orange. No noise, no vibration, no nothing to be honest.

There’s no switch at the back of my Drobo Gen2. Is there supposed to be one and where should it be, please?

I’d have to dig up my old Gen 2 to look, at this point there’s nothing to lose cycling the power though, just pull & re-plug the PSU.