Drobo Gen 2 keeps rebooting

I recently had an incident where my Drobo was inadvertently unplugged from power. Now, it starts through the boot sequence and when it gets to a certain point, the boot process stalls (blue LEDs stop updating) and eventually reboots. This happens over and over. At the point it reboots, the rightmost blue LEDs 1-7 and 9 (as counted from the right) are lit. Any ideas?

hi somersam,
one thing you might be able to try (which has been known to help stabalise a rebooting drobo) could be to try putting it into a readonly mode, for example as mentioned here:

(if that helps, you might be able to then access the data to at least copy it to somewhere else as a backup in the meantime)

the actual problem might be due to some faults that happened across multiple drives, or possibly the unit, though there are some other steps that we can try after the readonly mode and backups to try and pinpoint things further

Does the Drobo have to be discoverable? I can even get it that far.

hi sam, if it not found by dashboard, then maybe you could try the following:

  • to unplug power (as soon as it reboots again)

  • to then also unplug the connection cable from the drobo

  • to then remove all of your drives (and to remember the order of the disk pack for later)

  • to then try to shutdown your computer too

  • to then power up just the empty (and unconnected) drobo
    (does it power up and then go into standby mode?)

  • to then power up the computer, and once that is running, to launch dashboard

  • to then connect the computer to the drobo again (ideally via a direct usb cable is possible)
    (does the drobo wake up shortly after, and can dashboard see it now?)

if yes, then at this point you could try the readonly proceess as above
(but after that process is complete and verfied, you would then need to shutdown the drobo via dashboard)

  • and then to unplug all cables from the drobo

  • and with power still all OFF and unplugged, to put your diskpack drives back into where they were before

  • and then to power up the drobo (but without computer connection yet)
    (does the drobo boot up with the usual blue led sequence, ideally through 1to10, and then going into standby mode?)

  • to then try connecting it to the computer via the connection cable again
    (does the drobo wake up shortly after, and then become recognised by dashboard, and still in read only mode?)

if yes, and hopefully if you can now access your data again, please can you make backups of the data to somewhere else first, before we try anything else regarding trying to pinpoint possible drive errors)

I think the Drobo itself is toast. I managed to get it in read-only mode and now it gets the same 8-LED pattern and just stalls with the green LED above it blinking. It did quit rebooting.

Can a disk pack be moved to a newer model Drobo?

thanks for the info sam,

is that the power light which is green and blinking?
if so, can you have a look here to see if your main power supply unit (brick) is working ok too?

a gen2 disk pack can be moved to another newer model drobo, via the migration process, for example to a gen3, or a 5D.

(if the empty drobo actually was able to be found with dashboard, and turned into read only mode, it may actually be 1 or more drives that has the problem, though i think you can get some support via the ticket system in helping to migrate the drives across, and possibly a diagnostic log with them could help to show which part is having the problem, the unit or disks)

either way though, if you do get a newer model (one that can support DDR for dual drive redundancy) that is definitely good to have as it can help protect against 2 hard drives having a failure at the same time.

(if it is the drives / disk pack having the problem, then you could try that link above regarding the read only process, for where it mentions about block cloning the drives which could help to repair the disk pack.