Drobo Gen 2 just quit

Two weeks ago my DroboS Gen2 was working fine - all 4 green lights. I had disconnected it a few times and even shut it down without issue - it always worked when my computer was restarted. Then one day when computer restarted the Drobo didn’t. It displayed one red light at the top and Dashboard did not recognize it either. I haven’t upgraded my OS or any other changes for a couple of months. I cannot get Drobo people in support to even reply and even the sales people won’t contact me (I’m willing to buy another if I can get my data back!). Anyone have any suggestions?

Are there any green lights showing, or its just one red light and the rest weren’t lighted?

If it were so, this behavior is indicative of no drives being inserted. Try connecting via USB, if not already, and see whether the Drobo Dashboard detects the unit. If it does, notice if there are any error prompts, and what it says.

hi is this the same drobo from this page?