Drobo gen 2 issues

My Drobo gen 2 has suddenly gone into standby mode for no apparent reason. I re-booted it and, after appearing to boot up (the green power light comes on, then the blue lights progress along the bottom and the green power light starts flashing, then the drive lights all show green, then all lights go out except for the power light which goes yellow/orange (which means it’s gone into sandy mode)… and that’s how it stays. Anyone got any ideas about what’s wrong, and how to fix it? Many thanks.

My old Gen2 did that, in my case replacing the power brick cured it ( happened to have on hand a lab power supply I could adjust to the correct voltage etc to prove that before buying, most need to just take a chance). Just bought a cheap one from the usual auction site YMMV with that approach though.

They’ll often be fine with a plain voltage test, but they seem to fail such that they don’t deliver enough juice when loaded. I think internal capacitors fail or go out of spec. with age, if it’s original to the unit it’s getting on a bit.

Many thanks for your reply, Cyber_Beardy. My gen 2 is, as you say, “getting on a bit”. However, you’ll need to educate me on precisely what you’re saying and how I can proceed to get it fixed (even if I do have to “take a chance”). What is “the power brick”? How do I get at it to replace it? You suggest I can buy one at “the usual auction site YMMV” - where is this? Thanks, again.

Just put “Drobo gen 2 power supply” in google & hit the shopping link …
Prices here vary between GBP 16 & 50 glancing at the results.
YMMV = “your mileage may vary”
When you see the pictures you’ll see why I called it a “brick”.

Duh! Sorry for being so thick! I’ve just ordered one online - should arrive in a week or two. Many thanks again for your help!

If the Drobo thinks its unplugged from the computer, it will go into standby mode will it not? Is your data cable connected and working properly?

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You are absolutely right! I have just checked all my cables and successfully launched by Drobo gen 2! Thanks so much for your input - I feel such a dork!