Drobo Gen 2 in Data Protection Mode...How long?!

Hello All,

Just wanted to jump on here for some words of wisdom and support…

I have been using a Drobo Gen2 attached to my Mac Pro for several years now and has served me really well. As of late, the Drobo started doing weird reboots (ejecting from my Mac) and then reconnecting. I didn’t receive any e-mail alerts but maybe my e-mail setting are no longer working. I had a low space warning for a a month or so but still have about 14% available (1.18TB) with about 6.97 TB in use.

The Drobo went into a data protection mode late last night and I was seeing a rebuild time of over 100 hours - I am now maybe 14 hours into it and it is at 96 hours. What is odd, is at one point it was in the 40’s and 50’ hours but it just seems to be going up. It was actually at 95 hours for the past 1-2 hours and now is showing 96 hours.

As you can all appreciate, this is a little misleading and worrying to me, as I would have expected the hours to be reducing and not increasing by now so I just wanted to ask if this is normal behavior and just a matter of leaving things sit over the next couple of days or so or do I have a big problem at this stage? The Drobo is no longer mounted on my Mac so there is no activity going on - I am not going to use the drive until I have some clear indication that all is OK to proceed.

Just to add, there seems very little drive activity going on from what I can tell - the green data light flickers every 15 seconds or so consistently.The fan goes on and off periodically too - is it actually doing anything…!!!

Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance…!


Just to provide an update - seems to have dropped back down to 57 hours now - Maybe the Drobo dashboard was not updating properly as I quit the app and relaunched and its much less now. Although 40 hours reduction in a couple of hours doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either! :thinking:

Oh well, fingers crossed this all rebuilds so I can at least start copying all of my data onto an external drive which I just purchased and have ready to go…


Hi All,

I guess I’l keep replying to myself! :smile:

Data Protection still running almost 24 hours since my last post. I ran the Drobo dashboard late yesterday and it reported it was down to 5 hours - I didn’t believe it and sure enough, a couple of hours later I went back into the Drobo Dashboard and it reports 17 hours. I just ran it again now to check on things and 12+ hours later, it is now showing 69 hours?!?! I then ran the tool again 5 minutes later and it says 51 hours. I then ran it again a few minutes later and it reports 62 hours remaining.

I am truly confused at this point as it almost seems like nothing is happening - the Drobo Dashboard is either very confused in reporting the estimated time for the data protection to be completed or something is horribly wrong. I guess there is not a lot I can do but to let it just run at this stage…


The time displayed is measured in what most call “microsoft time”. It’s not accurate by any means, and changes erratically…but it’s only a general guideline. :slight_smile:

If I recall, the average rebuild time for the Gen2 is about 1 day per TB. I’m more curious as to WHY it started a rebuild cycle in the first place.

Thanks for the reply as I could use some support and encouragement here!!! :relieved:

That is good to know about the 1 day per TB which means I only have another 5 days to go! I am now up to 91 hours - it went from 90 to 92 to 91 all in the last 5-6 hours or so. I am going to stop using that as a guideline at this stage as its totally useless…

Yes, I am puzzled by it going into this mode myself. I did connect another hard drive on the Firewire bus which is how I have the Gen 2 connected - maybe that caused issues? The Drobo started to go into a weird self ejecting mode just recently - I have been low on space but not low that would have caused this rebuild surely with 14% available? I didn’t see any error messages to suggest a bad drive but I assume one of the drives has some issues on there but unfortunately, there is nothing to indicate via the Drobo dashboard as such.

As I am typing this response, something interesting is now showing on the Drobo Dashboard. Where you have the progress indicator bar above where it reads (approximately 91 hours remaining) there is now a blue circle dot that has appeared on the very left. Is this indicating the overall progress?

I just hope we don’t have a power failure in my area in the coming days due to the severe hot weather as my UPS will only run for about 20 minutes and I assume that should the Drobo power off, I will lose everything…?! :anguished: